Quantitative Cell Biology

Wallace F. Marshall, University of California, San Francisco
A fundamental unsolved problem in biology is understanding how a living cell emerges from the multitude of molecular components. While cell biology has made great strides in enumerating all the components of the cell, this is only just the beginning, and the challenge we now face is understanding the cell as a complex, self-organizing system. To meet this challenge, we must take cell biology to a quantitative level, combining mathematical modeling with new methods in measurement and data analysis. The goal of this e-book series is to provide an overview of current approaches and challenges in the emerging field of Quantitative Cell Biology, in a way that will be accessible to readers both from the biological sciences as well as the physical and computational sciences. These state of the art volumes introduce readers to the cutting edge research in the field, including computational modeling and image analysis methods, while also discussing current understanding and open questions in the systems biology of cells. Each book is intended to be useful independent of the others, and the series as a whole will provide a comprehensive introduction for students and researchers who are new to the field.

Series ISSN: 2375-7744 (print) 2375-7752 (electronic)

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Introduction to Quantitative Cell Biology Introduction to Quantitative Cell Biology
Wallace F. Marshall
For the past decade or more, much of cell biology research has been focused on determining the key molecules involved in different cellular processes, an analytical problem that has been amenable to biochemical and genetic approaches. Now, we face an...
Publication Date: July, 2017

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Measuring Cell Mechanics Measuring Cell Mechanics
Margaret Gardel, Patrick Oakes
Cells are inherently physical entities that both experience mechanical forces from their external environment and generate their own internal forces to drive cell motion. Our particular aim here is to present the reader with an introduction to the pr...
Publication Date: September, 2015

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Counting Molecules Within Cells Counting Molecules Within Cells
Valerie Coffman, I-Ju Lee, Jian-Qiu Wu
A fundamental component of quantitative cell biology is the ability to count molecules within cells. The numbers of molecules and stoichiometries are the basis for structural models of protein complexes and simulations of biological processes. A vari...
Publication Date: 09/01/2014

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