Neurobiology of Alzheimer's

George Perry, University of Texas, San Antonio
Rudolph J. Castellani, University of Maryland
This series on Alzheimer's disease will provide an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of Alzheimer's disease and dementia from a multidisciplinary perspective, with a focus on disease pathogenesis and translational neurobiology. The major pathogenic proteins will be described and discussed in depth from the perspective of molecular and cell biology, experimental and transgenic modeling, and in-situ phenotypic expression in humans. Added to this will be in depth discussions of all the major pathogenic theories, including the amyloid and tau protein cascades, oxidative stress, involvement of heavy metals, interplay of the endocrine system, issues surrounded cell cycle activation and protein signaling, and important comorbidities that influence human disease such as vascular neurobiology and synucleinopathy. Treatment paradigms and trials as a function of known components of disease pathogenesis will also be described and discussed in requisite detail that reflects the state of the art. As such, the series will provide a "one stop shop" for the aspiring neuroscientist or physician scientist, and will prove an adaptable framework that can be updated going forward, as dictated by new discoveries and the accumulating scientific literature.

Series ISSN: 2375-8937 (print) 2375-8945 (electronic)

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Molecular Pathology of Alzheimer's Disease Molecular Pathology of Alzheimer's Disease
Rudy Castellani, George Perry
Alzheimer's Disease is characterized pathologically by two principal hallmark lesions: the senile plaque and the neurofibrillary tangle. Since the identification of each over 100 years ago, the major protein components have been elucidated. This has ...
Publication Date: 10/01/2013

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