Human Language Technology Series

Human Language Technology Series

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The Human Language Technologies series contains 36 books published by Morgan & Claypool since 2009. Your annual subscription gives you access to each and every book through the MyBookshelf application.

SERIES EDITOR: Graeme Hirst, University of Toronto

The series publishes topics relating to natural language processing, computational linguistics, information retrieval, and spoken language understanding. Emphasis is on important new techniques, on new applications, and on topics that combine two or more HLT subfields.



Natural Language Processing for Social Media, Second Edition
Atefeh Farzindar, Diana Inkpen - 2017

Automatic Text Simplification
Horacio Saggion - 2017

Neural Network Methods for Natural Language Processing
Yoav Goldberg

Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation
Philip Williams, Rico Sennrich, Matt Post, Philipp Koehn - 2016

Domain-Sensitive Temporal Tagging
Jannik Stroetgen, Michael Gertz - 2016

Linked Lexical Knowledge Bases
Iryna Gurevych, Judith Eckle-Kohler, Michael Matuschek - 2016

Bayesian Analysis in Natural Language Processing
Shay Cohen - 2016

Metaphor: A Computational Perspective
Tony Veale, Ekaterina Shutova, Beata Beigman Klebanov - 2016

Grammatical Inference for Computational Linguistics
Jeffrey Heinz, Colin de la Higuera, Menno van Zaanen - 2015

Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception
Eileen Fitzpatrick, Joan Bachenko, Tommaso Fornaciari - 2015

Semantic Similarity from Natural Language and Ontology Analysis
Sebastien Harispe, Sylvie Ranwez, Stefan Janaqi, Jacky Montmain - 2015

Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing, Second Edition
Hang Li - 2014

Ontology-Based Interpretation of Natural Language
Philipp Cimiano, Christina Unger, John McCrae - 2014

Automated Grammatical Error Detection for Language Learners, Second Edition
Claudia Leacock, Martin Chodorow, Michael Gamon, Joel Tetreault - 2014

Web Corpus Construction
Roland Schafer, Felix Bildhauer - 2013

Recognizing Textual Entailment
Ido Dagan, Dan Roth, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, Mark Sammons - 2013

Linguistic Fundamentals for Natural Language Processing
Emily M. Bender - 2013

Semi-Supervised Learning and Domain Adaptation in Natural Language Processing
Anders Sogaard - 2013

Semantic Relations Between Nominals
Vivi Nastase, Preslav Nakov, Diarmuid O Seaghdha, Stan Szpakowicz - 2013

Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
Bing Liu - 2012

Natural Language Processing for Historical Texts
Michael Piotrowski - 2012

Linguistic Structure Prediction
Noah A. Smith - 2011

Discourse Processing
Manfred Stede - 2011

Computational Modeling of Narrative
Inderjeet Mani - 2011

Bitext Alignment
Jorg Tiedemann - 2011

Semantic Role Labeling
Martha Palmer, Daniel Gildea, Nianwen Xue - 2010

Introduction to Arabic Natural Language Processing
Nizar Y. Habash - 2010

Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce
Jimmy Lin, Chris Dyer - 2010

Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Jian-Yun Nie - 2010

Computational Modeling of Human Language Acquisition
Afra Alishahi - 2010

Statistical Language Models for Information Retrieval
Chengxiang Zhai - 2008

Spoken Dialogue Systems
Kristina Jokinen, Michael McTear - 2009

Introduction to Linguistic Annotation and Text Analytics
Graham Wilcock - 2009

Introduction to Chinese Natural Language Processing
Kam-Fai Wong, Wenjie Li, Ruifeng Xu, Zheng-sheng Zhang - 2009

Dependency Parsing
Sandra Kubler, Ryan McDonald, Joakim Nivre - 2009

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