Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Series

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Series

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The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning series contains over 35 books published by Morgan & Claypool since 2007. Your annual subscription gives you access to each and every book through the MyBookshelf application.

Series Editors Ronald Brachman (Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech) and Peter Stone (University of Texas at Austin) have collected the leaders of AI/ML research and development to create the most comprehensive and relevant collection of books on these subjects for researchers, developers, and advanced students.



Predicting Human Decision-Making: From Prediction to Action
Ariel Rosenfeld and Sarit Kraus - 2018

Game Theory for Data Science: Eliciting Truthful Information
Boi Faltings and Goran Radanovic - 2017

Multi-Objective Decision Making
Diederik M. Roijers and Shimon Whiteson - 2017

Lifelong Machine Learning
Zhiyuan Chen and Bing Liu - 2016

Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence: Logic, Probability, and Computation
Luc De Raedt, Kristian Kersting, Sriraam Natarajan, and David Poole - 2016

Representing and Reasoning with Qualitative Preferences: Tools and Applications
Ganesh Ram Santhanam, Samik Basu, and Vasant Honavar - 2016

Metric Learning
Aurelien Bellet, Amaury Habrard, and Marc Sebban - 2015

Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning
Amarnag Subramanya and Partha Pratim Talukdar - 2014

Robot Learning from Human Teachers
Sonia Chernova and Andrea L. Thomaz - 2014

General Game Playing
Michael Genesereth and Michael Thielscher - 2014

Judgment Aggregation: A Primer
Davide Grossi and Gabriella Pigozzi - 2014

An Introduction to Constraint-Based Temporal Reasoning
Roman Bartak, Robert A. Morris, and K. Brent Venable - 2014

Reasoning with Probabilistic and Deterministic Graphical Models: Exact Algorithms
Rina Dechter - 2013

Introduction to Intelligent Systems in Traffic and Transportation
Ana L.C. Bazzan and Franziska Klugl - 2013

A Concise Introduction to Models and Methods for Automated Planning
Hector Geffner and Blai Bonet - 2013

Essential Principles for Autonomous Robotics
Henry Hexmoor - 2013

Case-Based Reasoning: A Concise Introduction
Beatriz Lopez - 2013

Answer Set Solving in Practice
Martin Gebser, Roland Kaminski, Benjamin Kaufmann, and Torsten Schaub - 2012

Planning with Markov Decision Processes: An AI Perspective
Mausam and Andrey Kolobov - 2012

Active Learning
Burr Settles - 2012

Computational Aspects of Cooperative Game Theory
Georgios Chalkiadakis, Edith Elkind, and Michael Wooldridge - 2011

Representations and Techniques for 3D Object Recognition and Scene Interpretation
Derek Hoiem and Silvio Savarese - 2011

A Short Introduction to Preferences: Between Artificial Intelligence and Social Choice
Francesca Rossi, Kristen Brent Venable, and Toby Walsh - 2011

Human Computation
Edith Law and Luis von Ahn - 2011

Trading Agents
Michael P. Wellman - 2011

Visual Object Recognition
Kristen Grauman and Bastian Leibe - 2011

Learning with Support Vector Machines
Colin Campbell and Yiming Ying - 2011

Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning
Csaba Szepesvari - 2010

Data Integration: The Relational Logic Approach
Michael Genesereth - 2010

Markov Logic: An Interface Layer for Artificial Intelligence
Pedro Domingos and Daniel Lowd - 2009

Introduction to Semi-Supervised Learning
XiaojinZhu and Andrew B.Goldberg - 2009

Action Programming Languages
Michael Thielscher - 2008

Representation Discovery using Harmonic Analysis
Sridhar Mahadevan - 2008

Essentials of Game Theory: A Concise Multidisciplinary Introduction
Kevin Leyton-Brown and Yoav Shoham - 2008

A Concise Introduction to Multiagent Systems and Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Nikos Vlassis - 2007

Intelligent Autonomous Robotics: A Robot Soccer Case Study
Peter Stone - 2007

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