The Universe Untangled

The Universe Untangled

Modern Physics for Everyone

Abigail Pillitteri
ISBN: 9781681745121 | PDF ISBN: 9781681745138
Copyright © 2017 | 60 Pages | Publication Date: May, 2017

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Space curves around you, time slows down, particles are waves, a cat is both alive and dead. What's going on? It all starts to make sense when we untangle the universe with this clear and enlightening book. Day-dreamers and deep-thinkers, these are the concepts that will send your mind wandering to new places with a deeper understanding of the natural world.

Physics has always been a tricky subject for the general public. Millions are fascinated by the laws of the physical world, but there has been a lack of books written specifically for general readers. The Universe Untangled is for those who are curious; yet do not have an extensive mathematical background. It uses images, analogies and comprehensible language to cover popular topics of interest including the evolution of the universe, fundamental forces and particle interactions, the nature of space and time according to Special and General Relativity, the ideas of Quantum Mechanics and the quest for knowing the unknown.

The Universe Untangled is a unique book because it is written by an author whose career has been built on making science accessible to all. She has contributed to the design and content production of educational games, professional development courses, and science workbooks. In essence, this is not a book written by a physicist for other physicists. It is written by an educator who cares only about sharing her passion for science with others.

Table of Contents

Author biography
The birth and growth of the universe
Fundamental forces and elementary particles
The truth about space and time: Einstein's special theory of relativity
But that's not all! and time in Einstein's general theory of relativity
Light and the concepts of quantum mechanics
In the shadows of the cosmos: black holes, dark matter, and dark energy
A glimpse into the future

About the Author(s)

Abigail Pillitteri
Abigail Lorraine Pillitteri is a writer, editor, and developer of creative educational content and has been proclaimed a modern day Renaissance woman. She has written for the US Department of Energy and major publishers of next-generation educational products. Her contributions include the design and content production of educational games, professional development courses, and science workbooks. She has published three books of poetry and is also an accomplished painter. She received her Master's Degree in physics from the University of Delaware.

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