Engineering a Negotiating Strategy

Engineering a Negotiating Strategy

A Case Study

Stuart Sabol
ISBN: 9781627058940 | PDF ISBN: 9781627058940
Copyright © 2017 | 28 Pages | Publication Date: May, 2017

PDF ISBN:9781627058940

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Negotiation of an energy purchase and sales agreement between a host industrial complex and the owner of a co-located combined heat and power (CHP) facility is a complex process between two inter-dependent parties forming a close long-term relationship. This case study examines the components of the agreement that require engineering input and the process of negotiation that is often led by an engineer. Outside reading is included with recommended course work and references for further study and professional development. A project management approach to the preparation phase of negotiating is presented. The study examines example calculations needed to establish components and priorities within the negotiating strategy for the industrial complex and the CHP owner from a real-world example. Students have a chance to develop hypothetical negotiating points for either side with proposed opening positions. The outcome of the case study is summarized for reference.

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Reading Assignment
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About the Author(s)

Stuart Sabol, Power Engineering
Mr. Sabol is a Mechanical Engineering graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with experience in the power industry, detailed design, asset management, and project management. He is a Professional Engineer and certified Project Management Professional. His publications include Case Studies In Mechanical Engineering: Decision Making, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, John Wiley and Sons 2017, computer modeling programs, technical papers related to maintenance optimization, and articles on woodworking techniques. He resides in Texas and provides consulting services to the energy industry.

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