Atoms and Photons and Quanta, Oh My!

Atoms and Photons and Quanta, Oh My!

Ask the Physicist about atomic, nuclear, and quantum physics

F. Todd Baker
ISBN: 9781627059381 | PDF ISBN: 9781627059398
Copyright © 2015 | 105 Pages | Publication Date: June, 2015

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This is the second book in the Ask the Physicist series. The main emphasis of this volume is providing an accessible introduction to quantum physics, atomic physics, and nuclear physics to anyone with at least a high school physics knowledge. It is based on the author's website, a site aimed primarily at general readers who are curious about how physics explains the workings of the world. Hence, the answers emphasize concepts over formalism, and the mathematics is kept to a minimum.

Although this is a book about topics in "modern physics," it is impossible to appreciate both the roots of quantum physics and its applications without having an understanding of the nature of light, or more generally electromagnetic radiation. And to understand the nature of light, an understanding of electricity and magnetism is needed. To that end, Chapter 1 of this book will introduce the electromagnetic concepts required to understand the basics of light needed to understand the foundations of quantum physics.

Book 1: From Newton to Einstein: Ask the Physicist about mechanics and relativity.

Table of Contents

Let There Be Light
Quanta and Photons, Oh My!
Atoms, Oh My!
Atomic Nuclei
Appendix A: The constants of electricity and magnetism
Appendix B: Energy
Appendix C: Elastic collisions
Appendix D: Commonly used units
Appendix E: The Schrodinger equation
Appendix F: The Bohr model of hydrogen
Appendix G: Detecting spin
Appendix H: Chronology
Appendix I: Miscellaneous calculations and computations

About the Author(s)

F. Todd Baker, Univcrsity of Georgia (retired)
'The Physicist' is F Todd Baker. He received AB and MA degrees from Miami University and a PhD degree from the University of Michigan. His area of research is nuclear physics and he has published more than 70 articles in refereed journals as well as made numerous presentations at conferences and workshops. He has more than 35 years of college and university teaching experience. In 2006 he retired from the University of Georgia where he taught and performed nuclear physics research for 32 years. Previously he held a postdoctoral research associate position at Rutgers University and teaching positions at Carroll College (Wisconsin) and St Lawrence University. He now lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife Sara in a 100-year-old house mainly restored by him and decorated and landscaped by her. He has four beloved children aged 18-45 years. He enjoys bicycling around town, playing violin, cooking and baking, outdoor activities, DIY projects, film, music of many genres, working puzzles, reading mainly European murder mysteries, and hanging out in coffee houses.

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