Photomedicine and Stem Cells

Photomedicine and Stem Cells

The Janus face of photodynamic therapy (PDT) to kill cancer stem cells, and photobiomodulation (PBM) to stimulate normal stem cells

Heidi Abrahamse, Michael R. Hamblin
ISBN: 9781681743202 | PDF ISBN: 9781681743219
Copyright © 2018 | 136 Pages | Publication Date: January, 2018

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Janus, the ancient Roman god depicted with two faces is an appropriate metaphor for light therapy. Depending on whether or not light is combined with a non-toxic photosensitizing dye (photodynamic therapy), and on the overall dose of light (energy density and power density), light is able to kill just about anything that is living such as cancers, microorganisms, blood vessels, parasites, pests, unwanted tissues etc, etc. On the opposite side of the coin (or perhaps on the other side of Janus' face), light of the correct wavelength and at the right dose (photobiomodulation) can have exactly the opposite effect, being able to heal, regenerate, protect, revitalize and restore any kind of dead, damaged, stressed, dying, degenerating cells, tissue, or organ system. Between the bad destroying face of photodynamic therapy, and the good healing face of photobiomodulation, it may well be concluded that "all diseases can be treated with light."

Table of Contents

Cancer stem cells
PDT and cancer stem cells
Normal stem
PBM and stem cells
PBM and adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells
PBM and dental stem cells
PBM and neuroprogenitor stem cells

About the Author(s)

Heidi Abrahamse, University of Johannesburg
Heidi Abrahamse PhD Wits, (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology), is currently the Director of the Laser Research Centre, University of Johannesburg and Department of Science and Technology / National Research Foundation SARChI Chair for Laser Applications in Health. Her research interests include, photobiology and photochemistry with specific reference to photodynamic cancer therapy, stem cell differentiation and wound healing. She has supervised 40 masters; 15 doctorates and 12 post-doctorate fellows and has published over 100 peer reviewed accredited journal publications, 42 accredited full paper proceedings and 11 chapters. She serves on the editorial boards of 8 peer-reviewed internationally accredited journals while acting as reviewer for over 30 journals. She is also the Co-Editor in Chief of the international accredited journal Photomedicine and Laser Surgery.

Michael R. Hamblin, Harvard Medical School
Michael R Hamblin Ph.D. is a Principal Investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, an Associate Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School and affiliated faculty at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology. He received his PhD in organic chemistry from Trent University in England. He directs a laboratory of around a dozen scientists who work in photodynamic therapy and photobiomodulation. He has published 376 peer-reviewed articles, is Editor or Associate Editor for 10 journals and serves on NIH Study-Sections. He has an h-factor of 82 and >25,000 citations. He has authored/edited 11 proceedings volumes together with ten other major textbooks on PDT and photomedicine. Dr Hamblin was honored by election as a Fellow of SPIE in 2011, received the 1st Endre Mester Lifetime Achievement Award in Photomedicine from NAALT in 2017 and the Outstanding Career Award from the Dose Response Society in 2018.

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