Musical Sound, Instruments, and Equipment

Musical Sound, Instruments, and Equipment

Panos Photinos
ISBN: 9781681746814 | PDF ISBN: 9781681746807
Copyright © 2018 | 166 Pages | Publication Date: December, 2017

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Musical Sound, Instruments, and Equipment offers a basic understanding of sound, musical instruments and music equipment, geared towards a general audience and non-science majors. The book begins with an introduction of the fundamental properties of sound waves, and the perception of the characteristics of sound. The relation between intensity and loudness, and the relation between frequency and pitch are discussed.The basics of propagation of sound waves, and the interaction of sound waves with objects and structures of various sizes are introduced. Standing waves, harmonics and resonance are explained in simple terms, using graphics that provide a visual understanding.

The development is focused on musical instruments and acoustics. The construction of musical scales and the frequency relations are reviewed and applied in the description of musical instruments. The frequency spectrum of selected instruments is explored using freely available sound analysis software. Sound amplification and sound recording, including analog and digital approaches, are discussed in two separate chapters. The book concludes with a chapter on acoustics, the physical factors that affect the quality of the music experience, and practical ways to improve the acoustics at home or small recording studios. A brief technical section is provided at the end of each chapter, where the interested reader can find the relevant physics and sample calculations. These quantitative sections can be skipped without affecting the comprehension of the basic material. Questions are provided to test the reader's understanding of the material. Answers are given in the appendix.

Table of Contents

Properties of Waves
Propagation of Sound Waves
Displaying and Analyzing Musical Sounds
The Perception of Sound
Musical Scales and Temperament
Standing Waves and Resonance
Analog and Digital Signals
Sound Equipment and Components
The Musical Environment
Sound Recording and Reproduction
Musical Instruments

About the Author(s)

Panos Photinos, Southern Oregon University
Panos Photinos is professor emeritus at Southern Oregon University where he has taught since 1989. Prior to joining SOU he held faculty appointments at the Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent, Ohio; St. Francis Xavier, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada; and the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Panos received his doctorate in physics from Kent State University, Ohio. Panos has authored over 50 research publications in scientific journals, and is the author of Visual Astronomy: A guide to understanding the night sky.

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