Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery

Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery

Mahdi Karimi, Amir Ghasemi, Soroush Mirkiani, Masoud Mousavi Basri, Michael Hamblin
ISBN: 9781681742601 | PDF ISBN: 9781681742618
Copyright © 2018 | 93 Pages | Publication Date: October, 2017

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Recent important discoveries and developments in nanotechnology have had a remarkable and ever-increasing impact on many industries, especially materials science, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Nanocarriers have been investigated for a wide variety of different medical applications. Some examples of these nanocarriers include polymersomes, liposomes, micelles and carbon-based nanomaterials. Within this book, the authors describe different features of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), survey the properties of both the multi-walled and single-walled varieties, and cover their applications in drug and gene delivery. In addition, the book explains the structure and properties of CNTs prepared by different method, and discussed their isolation and purification. The future of CNTs in the field of biomedical science will depend on minimizing their adverse effects by careful study of their structure and properties.

Table of Contents

Carbon Nanotubes: Properties and Classification
Carbon Nanotube Synthesis and Purification
Carbon Nanotube Functionalization
How Carbon Nanotubes Cross the Cell Membrane
Carbon Nanotubes in Drug Delivery
Carbon Nanotubes in Gene Delivery
Toxicity and Environmental Aspects of Carbon Nanotubes
Future of Carbon Nanotube Investigation

About the Author(s)

Mahdi Karimi, Iran University of Medical Sciences
Mahdi Karimi, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Nanotechnology at Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Amir Ghasemi, Parsa Polymer Sharif
Amir Ghasemi is Engineering Expert at Parsa Polymer Sharif.

Soroush Mirkiani, The University of Tehran
Soroush Mirkiani is currently studying degradable Brushite bone cements at The University of Tehran Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies.

Masoud Mousavi Basri, Sharif University of Technology
Seyed Masoud Mousavi Basri is affiliated with the Bioenvironmental Research Center at Sharif University of Technology.

Michael Hamblin, Harvard Medical School
Michael R Hamblin, PhD, is a principal investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School.

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