An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

Claire Vallance
ISBN: 9781681746654 | PDF ISBN: 9781681746647
Copyright © 2018 | 79 Pages | Publication Date: October, 2017

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The book is a short primer on chemical reaction rates based on a six-lecture first-year undergraduate course taught by the author at the University of Oxford. The book explores the various factors that determine how fast or slowly a chemical reaction proceeds and describes a variety of experimental methods for measuring reaction rates. The link between the reaction rate and the sequence of steps that makes up the reaction mechanism is also investigated. Chemical reaction rates is a core topic in all undergraduate chemistry courses.

Table of Contents

Elementary reactions
Rate laws: relating the reaction rate to reactant concentrations
Determining the rate law and obtaining mechanistic information from experimental data
Experimental techniques for measuring reaction rates
Introduction to complex reactions
Using the steady-state approximation to derive rate laws for complex reactions
Chain reactions and explosions
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About the Author(s)

Claire Vallance, University of Oxford
Claire Vallance is a Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, and Tutorial Fellow in Physical Chemistry at Hertford College, Oxford. She was brought up in the UK and New Zealand, and holds BSc(hons) and PhD degrees from the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ), where she worked on gas-phase molecular dynamics. Her current research interests include reaction dynamics, the use of optical microcavities in chemical sensing applications, and the development of spectroscopic techniques for use during cardiovascular surgery and neurosurgery. She has given lecture courses on chemical kinetics, properties of gases, symmetry and group theory, reaction dynamics, and astro chemistry, as well as numerous outreach and public engagement lectures, and her tutorial teaching spans the breadth of physical chemistry. She is author of over 90 journal articles, four book chapters, nine patents, an e-textbook on symmetry and group theory, and a textbook Astrochemistry: From the Big Bang to the Present Day, and also co-edited the textbook Tutorials in Molecular Reaction Dynamics.

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