A Pedagogical Introduction to Electroweak Baryogenesis

A Pedagogical Introduction to Electroweak Baryogenesis

Graham Albert White
ISBN: 9781681744568 | PDF ISBN: 9781681744575
Copyright © 2017 | 147 Pages | Publication Date: December, 2016

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This is an in depth look at baryon number violation in the Standard Model including the necessary background in finite temperature field theory, plasma dynamics and how to calculate the out of equilibrium evolution of particle number densities throughout a phase transition. It is a self-contained pedagogical review of the theoretical background to electroweak baryogenesis as well as a summary of the other prevailing mechanisms for producing the asymmetry between matter and antimatter using the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model as a pedagogical tool whenever appropriate.

Table of Contents

The Sakharov conditions
Baryon number violation in the Standard Model
Phase transitions
CP violation
Particle dynamics during a phase transition
Plasma and bubble dynamics
Transport equations
The baryon asymmetry
A brief phenomenological summary
Other mechanisms for producing the baryon asymmetry
Discussion and outlook

About the Author(s)

Graham Albert White, Monash University
Graham White grew up in north Queensland, Australia. He developed a love of physics after reading some popular science books as a teenager and decided he wanted to become a physicist shortly after. Graham White is a Doctoral Student at Monash University studying Baryogenesis and holds a masters degree from University of Kentucky and has studied Baryogenesis at the Amherst Center for fundamental interactions (University of Massachusetts Amherst) as a guest scholar. He currently lives in Melbourne with his wife and son.

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