Clinical and Genetic Aspects of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Practice of Sports Medicine

Clinical and Genetic Aspects of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Practice of Sports Medicine

Lynne Millar, Nabeel Sheikh, Sanjay Sharma
ISBN: 9781615043866 | PDF ISBN: 9781615043873
Copyright © 2012 | 162 Pages | Publication Date: 06/01/2012

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Sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of non-traumatic mortality in young (<35 years old) athletes, with recent data suggesting the incidence to be higher than what was previously estimated. The vast majority of deaths are caused by silent hereditary or congenital cardiac disorders. Over the last decade, advances in our understanding of both the genetic and clinical mechanisms underlying these conditions, particularly those associated with a structurally normal heart, have led to advances in diagnosis and management including interventions and lifestyle modifications that aim to minimize the risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD). Coupled with effective screening programs, other strategies such as emergency response planning and the use of automated external defibrillators have also emerged as strategies in preventing and treating sudden cardiac arrest.

This book aims to provide an overview of the genetic and clinical aspects of SCD in young athletes, with particular emphasis on the specific issues related to diagnosis and management that these unique group of individuals pose to a physician. Specific diagnostic and management dilemmas will be illustrated through clinical cases and the most up-to-date guidelines regarding participation in sport outlined.

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Demographics and Incidence
Physiology of the Athlete's Heart
Evaluation and Management of an Athlete
Pre-Participation Screening
Prevention and the Role of Automated External Defibrillators
Author Biography

About the Author(s)

Lynne Millar, St. Georges University of London, UK
Lynne Millar was born and grew up in Northern Ireland. She completed her medical undergraduate training at Queen's University Belfast in 2007, and undertook her initial clinical rotations within the Northern Ireland Deanery. Having moved to London in 2009, she completed her general medicine training at King's College Hospital and St. George's Hospital. She is passionate about teaching and is currently completing a postgraduate qualification in medical education. She wishes to pursue a career in cardiology and has developed an interest in heart muscle diseases. In her spare time, Dr. Millar is a keen sportswoman and continues to play netball competitively. She also enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Nabeel Sheikh, St. Georges University of London, UK
Nabeel Sheikh was born and brought up in London. Nabeel Sheikh graduated in Medicine from University College London in 2002, where he also holds a BSc in Neuroscience. Now based in South West London, he is a cardiologist currently pursuing research in the field of heart muscle diseases, ion channel disorders, and sports cardiology at St. George's Hospital and St. George's University of London, funded by the British Heart Foundation and Cardiac Risk in the Young. Dr. Sheikh's research and subspecialty interests include inherited cardiac diseases and arrhythmias, with current work focusing on repolarization changes in athletes of African/Afro-Caribbean origin and ethnic differences in the phenotypic expression of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Outside of medicine, Dr. Sheikh enjoys traveling, running, and tennis, and has a passion for photography.

Sanjay Sharma, St. Georges University of London, UK
Sanjay Sharma is Professor of Inherited Cardiac Diseases and Sports Cardiology at St. George's University of London. He is also medical director for Virgin London Marathon, consultant cardiologist for the CRY Sports Cardiology Clinic at St. George's Hospital and cardiologist, the English Institute of Sport, British Rugby League and the British Lawn Tennis association. Professor Sharma's interests include cardiovascular adaptation in athletes, sudden cardiac death in the young, and heart muscle diseases for which he has an international reputation. Professor Sharma will lead the 2012 Olympic medical team for the marathon, triathlon, long distance cycling, and 20k walk.

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