Membrane Nanodomains

Membrane Nanodomains

John R. Silvius
ISBN: 9781615046201 | PDF ISBN: 9781615046218
Copyright © 2013 | 103 Pages | Publication Date: 02/01/2013

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Many membranes in eukaryotic cells are inhomogeneous structures in which various membrane components are nonrandomly distributed, forming diverse types of 'domains.' Some membrane domains have long been well known, because they are sufficiently large, long-lived, and morphologically well defined to be characterized using classical microscopic and biochemical approaches. However, new technologies have revealed the presence in membranes of smaller, often highly dynamic 'nanodomains' that also play key roles in membrane function. Our current understanding of the diversity, the properties, and the functions of nanodomains is still very limited and, in some cases, controversial. Nonetheless, it is clear that many important aspects of membrane biology arise from features of membrane organization that 'play out' on spatial and temporal scales that are only now becoming experimentally accessible in living systems. In this book, we will discuss properties and interactions of membrane molecules that lead to nanodomain formation, new and emerging technologies by which nanodomains can be studied, and experimental examples that illustrate both highlights and current limitations of our present knowledge of the properties of membrane nanodomains in various cell types.

Table of Contents

Thermodynamic Bases for Formation of Membrane Domains
Kinetic Bases for Formation of Membrane Domains
Historical Development of the Concept of Membrane Nanodomains
Experimental Tools to Study Nanodomain Formation in Cells
Experimental Studies of Nanodomains in Cellular Systems
Looking Forward

About the Author(s)

John R. Silvius, Department of Biochemistry, McGill University

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