Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation

A Guide to Harvesting the Untapped Riches of Opposition, Unlikely Combinations, and a Plan B

Lisbeth Borbye
ISBN: 9781608457465 | PDF ISBN: 9781608457472
Copyright © 2011 | 88 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2011

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Many of us wish we could design inventions and make decisions that were optimal and sustainable, but we do not know how to begin the approach. This book offers a guide to dramatically improve the quality of innovation and solution-making through the respectful use of existing and abundant, but often-ignored, resources. Sustainable innovation is about creative combination of ideas, materials, methods, and people, courage to derive value from opposition and diversity, integrative intelligence, virtuous planning, minimal consumption of resources, and definition of alternative plans. Using the method successfully requires that we are truly interested in the common good of humankind, that we care about our environment, and that we take time to think carefully about consequences before we act, invent, or make decisions. It is a call for a much-needed collaboration between people of different backgrounds, skills, and opinions with the intent to preserve individual and local integrity and adopt a win-win mindset. Try it, and partake in its positive and long-lasting effects!

Key Features
* Description of sustainable innovation and the untapped innovation potential.
* Sustainable innovation requirements.
* Sustainable innovation attitudes.
* Step-by-step guide to sustainable innovation.
* Application to 21st century challenges.
* A global win-win scenario.

Table of Contents

Innovation Attitudes
Inspiration from the Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Untapped Sustainable Innovation Potential
Step-by-Step Guide to Sustainable Innovation
Notes on the Application to 21st century challenges/ Personal Step-by-Step Work Section
Looking to the Future

About the Author(s)

Lisbeth Borbye, North Carolina State University

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