Out of the Comfort Zone

Out of the Comfort Zone

New Ways to Teach, Learn, and Assess Essential Professional Skills -- An Advancement in Educational Innovation

Lisbeth Borbye
ISBN: 9781608451753 | PDF ISBN: 9781608451760
Copyright © 2010 | 79 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2010

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Success in careers outside the university setting depends on an individual's capacity to master professional skills and respond appropriately to dynamic situations with flexibility, adaptation, and innovative thinking. This book describes a simple, common sense method of how to include professional skills training in any curricula without compromising academic rigor. It relies on introduction of unanticipated yet manageable crises simulating scenarios commonly experienced in the workplace. The method promises to inspire both students and their teachers to conquer new territory outside their comfort zones. Examples include how to respond to a demand for innovation and teamwork, a lay-off, a re-organization, or switching jobs and projects. These situations are bound to occur for most people and in most jobs they often create stress and, perhaps, despair. Preparing and practicing a mindful and healthy response is beneficial, and now this process can be performed in the classroom, while it serves as a platform for character building prior to unexpected real-life events.

Key Features:
* Description of the importance of, incentives for, and rewards of exiting the comfort zone.
* Principles for teaching and learning professional skills.
* Student anecdotes and reflection.
* Rubric entries and assessment of learning.

Table of Contents

The Comfort Zone and "Being Out of It"
Exiting the Comfort Zone: Reasons and Impact
Getting Educators and Students out of the Comfort Zone
Principles of "Out-of-the-Comfort-Zone" (OOC) Teaching
Anecdotes of OOC Learning
Measuring the Outcome

About the Author(s)

Lisbeth Borbye, North Carolina State University
Lisbeth Borbye, Ph.D., is a pioneer in alliance building between industry and universities, and development of innovative, need-based instructional materials for students and their professors. Dr. Borbye is Assistant Dean for Professional Education at North Carolina State University and Director of the University of North Carolina's System-wide Professional Science Master's Initiative. Professional science Master's programs seek to meet the needs for an improved graduate workforce in industry, non-profit organizations, and government by providing interdisciplinary career-specific education. Dr. Borbye has been instrumental in establishing and directing the highly successful professional science Master's program called Microbial Biotechnology at North Carolina State University. The program is known for its elaborate interaction with industry partners in the Research Triangle Park, its dual degree option, and its successful alumni. Dr. Borbye is the author of the book Secrets to Success in Industry Careers: Essential Skills for Science and Business, (Academic Press) and a co-author of Industry Immersion Learning: Real-Life Case Studies in Biotechnology and Business (Wiley-Blackwell). Dr. Borbye is also a co-Founder of the National Professional Science Master's Association.

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