Quality of Service in Wireless Networks Over Unlicensed Spectrum

Quality of Service in Wireless Networks Over Unlicensed Spectrum

Klara Nahrstedt
ISBN: 9781608457311 | PDF ISBN: 9781608457328
Copyright © 2011 | 176 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2011

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This Synthesis Lecture presents a discussion of Quality of Service (QoS) in wireless networks over unlicensed spectrum. The topic is presented from the point of view of protocols for wireless networks (e.g., 802.11) rather than the physical layer point of view usually discussed for cellular networks in the licensed wireless spectrum. A large number of mobile multimedia wireless applications are being deployed over WiFi (IEEE 802.11) and Bluetooth wireless networks and the number will increase in the future as more phones, tablets, and laptops are equipped with these unlicensed spectrum wireless interfaces.

Achieving QoS objectives in wireless networks is challenging due to limited wireless resources, wireless nodes interference, wireless shared media, node mobility, and diverse topologies. The author presents the QoS problem as (1) an optimization problem with different constraints coming from the interference, mobility, and wireless resource constraints and (2) an algorithmic problem with fundamental algorithmic functions within wireless resource management and protocols.

Table of Contents

Basics of Quality of Service in Wireless Networks
QoS-Aware Resource Allocation
Bandwidth Management
Delay Management
Author Biography

About the Author(s)

Klara Nahrstedt, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
lara Nahrstedt is a full professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Computer Science Department. Her current research interests are directed toward quality of service (QoS) and resource management in wireless and Internet networks, peer-to-peer streaming systems, pervasive computing and communications, and tele-immersive systems. She and her MONET (Multimedia Operating and Networking Systems) research group have worked on many research projects in multimedia distributed systems, multimedia networking, QoS routing, soft-real-time scheduling, mobile systems and networks, multimedia security, privacy and multimedia applications, which led to over 200 refereed papers in journals and conferences. Professor Nahrstedt has also co-authored widely used multimedia books Multimedia: Computing, Communications and Applications published by Prentice Hall, and Multimedia Systems published by Springer Verlag. Klara Nahrstedt is the recipient of the Early NSF Career Award, Junior Xerox Award, IEEE Communication Society Leonard Abraham Award for Research Achievements, University Scholar Award, Humboldt Research Award, and Ralph and Catherine Fisher Professorship. She is a Fellow of the IEEE.

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