MATLAB Software for the Code Excited Linear Prediction Algorithm

MATLAB Software for the Code Excited Linear Prediction Algorithm

The Federal Standard-1016

Karthikeyan Ramamurthy, Andreas Spanias
ISBN: 9781608453849 | PDF ISBN: 9781608453856
Copyright © 2010 | 109 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2010

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This book describes several modules of the Code Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) algorithm. The authors use the Federal Standard-1016 CELP MATLAB

Table of Contents

Introduction to Linear Predictive Coding
Autocorrelation Analysis and Linear Prediction
Line Spectral Frequency Computation
Spectral Distortion
The Codebook Search
The FS-1016 Decoder

About the Author(s)

Karthikeyan Ramamurthy, Arizona State University

Andreas Spanias, Arizona State University

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