RFID Security and Privacy

RFID Security and Privacy

Yingjiu Li, Robert Deng, Elisa Bertino
ISBN: 9781627053259 | PDF ISBN: 9781627053266
Copyright © 2015 | 157 Pages | Publication Date: 12/01/2013

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As a fast-evolving new area, RFID security and privacy has quickly grown from a hungry infant to an energetic teenager during recent years. Much of the exciting development in this area is summarized in this book with rigorous analyses and insightful comments. In particular, a systematic overview on RFID security and privacy is provided at both the physical and network level. At the physical level, RFID security means that RFID devices should be identified with assurance in the presence of attacks, while RFID privacy requires that RFID devices should be identified without disclosure of any valuable information about the devices. At the network level, RFID security means that RFID information should be shared with authorized parties only, while RFID privacy further requires that RFID information should be shared without disclosure of valuable RFID information to any honest-but-curious server which coordinates information sharing. Not only does this book summarize the past, but it also provides new research results, especially at the network level. Several future directions are envisioned to be promising for advancing the research in this area.

Table of Contents

RFID Security at the Physical Level
RFID Privacy at the Physical Level
RFID Security at the Network Level
RFID Privacy at the Network Level
Summary and Future Directions
Authors' Biographies

About the Author(s)

Yingjiu Li, Singapore Management University
Yingjiu Li is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University (SMU). His research interests include RFID Security and Privacy, Applied Cryptography and System Security, Privacy Preserving Data Analytics, and Data Applications Security. He
has published over 100 technical papers in international conferences and journals, including Oakland, CCS, USENIX Security, NDSS, ESORICS, ASIACCS, TISSEC, TDSC, and JCS. He has served in the program committees for over 80 international conferences and workshops, including the most recent ones such as Oakland 2014, CCS 2013, ESORICS 2013, and RFIDSec 2013. He founded the RFID Security Lab in SMU and his research was supported by A*STAR SERC Public Sector Funding (PSF) in Singapore. Yingjiu Li is a senior member of the ACM and a member of the IEEE Computer Society.

Robert Deng, Singapore Management University
Robert H.Deng has been a Professor at the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University, since 2004. Prior to this, he was Principal Scientist and Manager of Infocomm Security Department, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore. His research interests include data security and privacy, multimedia security, network, and system security. He was Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security from 2009-2012 and Associate Editor of Security and Communication Networks from 2007-2013. He is currently Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, and a member of Editorial Board of Journal of Computer Science and Technology and International Journal of Information Security. He is the chair of the Steering Committee of the ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security. He received the University Outstanding Researcher Award from the National University of Singapore in 1999 and the Lee Kuan Yew Fellow for Research Excellence from the Singapore Management University in 2006. He was named Community Service Star and Showcased Senior Information Security Professional by (ISC)2 under its Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements program in 2010.

Elisa Bertino, Purdue University
Elisa Bertino is a professor with the Computer Science Department at Purdue University and serves as research director of CERIAS. Previously, she was a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Communication of the University of Milan. Her main research interests include security, privacy, digital identity management systems, database systems, distributed systems, and multimedia systems. She is a fellow of the IEEE and a fellow of the ACM. She received the 2002 IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to database systems and database security and advanced data management systems and the 2005 IEEE Computer Society Tsutomu Kanai Award for pioneering and innovative research contributions to secure distributed systems.

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