Algorithms and Software for Predictive and Perceptual Modeling of Speech

Algorithms and Software for Predictive and Perceptual Modeling of Speech

Venkatraman Atti,
ISBN: 9781608453870 | PDF ISBN: 9781608453887
Copyright © 2011 | 119 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2011

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From the early pulse code modulation-based coders to some of the recent multi-rate wideband speech coding standards, the area of speech coding made several significant strides with an objective to attain high quality of speech at the lowest possible bit rate. This book presents some of the recent advances in linear prediction (LP)-based speech analysis that employ perceptual models for narrow- and wide-band speech coding. The LP analysis-synthesis framework has been successful for speech coding because it fits well the source-system paradigm for speech synthesis. Limitations associated with the conventional LP have been studied extensively, and several extensions to LP-based analysis-synthesis have been proposed, e.g., the discrete all-pole modeling, the perceptual LP, the warped LP, the LP with modified filter structures, the IIR-based pure LP, all-pole modeling using the weighted-sum of LSP polynomials, the LP for low frequency emphasis, and the cascade-form LP. These extensions can be classified as algorithms that either attempt to improve the LP spectral envelope fitting performance or embed perceptual models in the LP. The first half of the book reviews some of the recent developments in predictive modeling of speech with the help of Matlab

Table of Contents

Predictive Modeling of Speech
Perceptual Modeling of Speech

About the Author(s)

Venkatraman Atti, Verance Corporation


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