Mobile Interactions in Context

Mobile Interactions in Context

A Designerly Way Toward Digital Ecology

Jesper Kjeldskov
ISBN: 9781627052252 | PDF ISBN: 9781627052269
Copyright © 2015 | 119 Pages | Publication Date: 07/01/2014

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This book presents a contextual approach to designing contemporary interactive mobile computer systems as integral parts of ubiquitous computing environments. Interactive mobile systems, services, and devices have become functional design objects that we care deeply about. Although their look, feel, and features impact our everyday lives as we orchestrate them in concert with a plethora of other computing technologies, these artifacts are not well understood or created through traditional methods of user-centered design and usability engineering. Contrary to more traditional IT artifacts, they constitute holistic user experiences of value and pleasure that require careful attention to the variety, complexity, and dynamics of their usage. Hence, the design of mobile interactions proposed in this book transcends existing approaches by using the ensemble of form and context as its central unit of analysis. As such, it promotes a designerly way of achieving convergence between form and context through a contextually grounded, wholeness sensitive, and continually unfolding process of design.

Table of Contents

Mobile Computing
Interaction Design
Design Approaches
A Decade of Mobile HCI Research
Toward a Designerly Way
Revisiting User-Centered Design
Continual Convergence of Form and Context
Where to from Here?
Author Biography

About the Author(s)

Jesper Kjeldskov, Aalborg University
Jesper Kjeldskov, Dr. Scient., Ph.D. is Professor of Computer Science at Aalborg University in Denmark within the area of Human-Computer Interaction, and research leader in the newly established Research Centre for Socio+Interactive Design. Jesper's research interests are Interaction Design and User Experience with particular focus on mobile and ubiquitous technologies primarily in non-work settings. Jesper has a cross-disciplinary background spanning the humanities, social sciences, and computer science. He has published more than 130 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers within the area of Human-Computer Interaction. In 2013 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Science (higher doctorate) and subsequently promoted to Full Professor. Prior to his professorship at Aalborg, Jesper lived and worked for several years in Australia, working as a Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne, and as a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO in Sydney. Since 2009 he has revisited his interests in mobile HCI and has extended his work on domestic computing with new projects within sustainability, digital media, mediated relationships, emerging display technologies, and social natural user interfaces. In his spare time Jesper loves food, wine, music, and having a laugh with his partner-in-crime, Jeni Paay.

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