Experience-Centered Design

Experience-Centered Design

Designers, Users, and Communities in Dialogue

Peter Wright, John McCarthy
ISBN: 9781608450442 | PDF ISBN: 9781608450459
Copyright © 2010 | 123 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2010

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Experience-centered design, experience-based design, experience design, designing for experience, user experience design. All of these terms have emerged and gained acceptance in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Interaction Design relatively recently. In this book, we set out our understanding of experience-centered design as a humanistic approach to designing digital technologies and media that enhance lived experience. The book is divided into three sections. In Section 1, we outline the historical origins and basic concepts that led into and flow out from our understanding of experience as the heart of people's interactions with digital technology. In Section 2, we describe three examples of experience-centered projects and use them to illustrate and explain our dialogical approach. In Section 3, we recapitulate some of the main ideas and themes of the book and discuss the potential of experience-centered design to continue the humanist agenda by giving a voice to those who might otherwise be excluded from design and by creating opportunities for people to enrich their lived experience with and through technology.

Table of Contents

How Did We Get Here?
Some Key Ideas Behind Experience-Centered Design
Making Sense of Experience in Experience-Centered Design
Experience-Centered Design as Dialogue
What do We Mean by Dialogue?
Valuing Experience-Centered Design
Where Do We Go from Here?

About the Author(s)

Peter Wright, Newcastle University
Dr. Peter Wright is Professor of Social Computing in the Computer Science Department at Newcastle University. He has published widely in interaction design and user research and is best known for his work on theory and methods for experience-centred design. His current projects focus on the design of health and social technologies.

John McCarthy, University College Cork
John McCarthy is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Psychology, University College Cork. He has held a visiting fellowship at University of York, UK and a visiting professorship at Sodertorns University in Stockholm. His current research is in conceptualizing experience-centered design and exploring conceptual and methodological challenges of understanding experience.

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