Experience Design

Experience Design

Technology for All the Right Reasons

Marc Hassenzahl,
ISBN: 9781608450473 | PDF ISBN: 9781608450480
Hardcover ISBN:9781681732268
Copyright © 2010 | 95 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2010

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In the blink of an eye, Walter Murch, the Oscar-awarded editor of The English Patient, Apocalypse Now, and many other outstanding movies, devised the Rule of Six -- six criteria for what makes a good cut. On top of his list is "to be true to the emotion of the moment," a quality more important than advancing the story or being rhythmically interesting. The cut has to deliver a meaningful, compelling, and emotion-rich "experience" to the audience. Because, "what they finally remember is not the editing, not the camerawork, not the performances, not even the story---it's how they felt." Technology for all the right reasons applies this insight to the design of interactive products and technologies -- the domain of Human-Computer Interaction, Usability Engineering, and Interaction Design. It takes an experiential approach, putting experience before functionality and leaving behind oversimplified calls for ease, efficiency, and automation or shallow beautification. Instead, it explores what really matters to humans and what it needs to make technology more meaningful.

The book clarifies what experience is, and highlights five crucial aspects and their implications for the design of interactive products. It provides reasons why we should bother with an experiential approach, and presents a detailed working model of experience useful for practitioners and academics alike. It closes with the particular challenges of an experiential approach for design. The book presents its view as a comprehensive, yet entertaining blend of scientific findings, design examples, and personal anecdotes.

Table of Contents

1. Follow Me!
A First Glance on Experience
A Note on the Uniqueness and Irreducibility of Experience
Experience from a Design Perspective
Experience as Emergent, yet Shapeable

2. Crucial Properties of Experience
Subjective (versus Objective)
Holistic (versus Instrumental)
Situated (versus Abstract)
Dynamic (versus Static)
And Finally, Positive (aka Worthwhile)
Essence of the Chapter

3. Three Good Reasons to Consider Experience
Experiences are Self-Defining
Experiences Make Us Happier
Experiences Motivate
Essence of the Chapter

4. A Model of Experience
Motives and Action
Categories of Needs Equals Categories of Experiences
From Needs to Products
Pragmatic versus Hedonic: What is More Important?
Do Needs Have Different Priorities?
A Brief Note on Evaluation
Essence of the Chapter

5. Reflections on Experience Design
Our Menschenbild
Normative Powers of Design
Experience Before Product
Bridging the Gap Between Experiences, Needs, and Products
Theory-Inspired Design
Essence of the Chapter

Author's Biography

About the Author(s)

Marc Hassenzahl, Folkwang University, Essen, Germany
Marc Hassenzahl is Professor for "User Experience and Ergonomics" at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany, and research manager at MediaCity, Abo Akademi University, Vaasa, Finland. He is interested in the affective and motivational aspects of interactive technologies - in short: User Experience. During the last 12 years, he has published over 40 academic articles and book chapters, and worked on experience-related projects together with Nokia Research, Samsung, German Telekom, Siemens, and several others. He is member of Interacting with Computers' editorial board and is a founding and active board member of the German Usability Professionals' Association.



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