Essential Principles for Autonomous Robotics

Essential Principles for Autonomous Robotics

Henry Hexmoor,
ISBN: 9781627050586 | PDF ISBN: 9781627050593
Copyright © 2013 | 155 Pages | Publication Date: 06/01/2013

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From driving, flying, and swimming, to digging for unknown objects in space exploration, autonomous robots take on varied shapes and sizes. In part, autonomous robots are designed to perform tasks that are too dirty, dull, or dangerous for humans. With nontrivial autonomy and volition, they may soon claim their own place in human society. These robots will be our allies as we strive for understanding our natural and man-made environments and build positive synergies around us. Although we may never perfect replication of biological capabilities in robots, we must harness the inevitable emergence of robots that synchronizes with our own capacities to live, learn, and grow. This book is a snapshot of motivations and methodologies for our collective attempts to transform our lives and enable us to cohabit with robots that work with and for us. It reviews and guides the reader to seminal and continual developments that are the foundations for successful paradigms. It attempts to demystify the abilities and limitations of robots. It is a progress report on the continuing work that will fuel future endeavors.

Table of Contents

Part I: Preliminaries/Agency, Motion, and Anatomy
Part II: Mobility
Potential Fields
Reactive Navigation
Multi-Robot Mapping: Brick and Mortar Strategy
Part III: State of the Art
Multi-Robotics Phenomena
Human-Robot Interaction
Fuzzy Control
Decision Theory and Game Theory
Part IV: On the Horizon
Applications: Macro and Micro Robots
Author Biography

About the Author(s)

Henry Hexmoor, Southern Illinois University
Henry Hexmoor received his M.S. degree from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, and his Ph.D. degree in computer science from the State University of New York, Buffalo, in 1996. He is an IEEE senior member. Henry has taught at the University of North Dakota before a stint teaching at the University of Arkansas. Currently, he is an associate professor with the Computer Science Department, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL. He has published widely on artificial intelligence and multiagent systems. His research interests include multiagent systems, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, mobile robotics, and predictive models for transportation systems.


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