Humanitarian Engineering

Humanitarian Engineering

Carl Mitcham, David Munoz
ISBN: 9781608451517 | PDF ISBN: 9781608451524
Copyright © 2010 | 87 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2010

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Humanitarian Engineering reviews the development of engineering as a distinct profession and of the humanitarian movement as a special socio-political practice. Having noted that the two developments were situated in the same geographical and historical space -- that is, in Europe and North America beginning in the 1700s -- the book argues for a mutual influence and synthesis that has previously been lacking. In this spirit, the first of two central chapters describes humanitarian engineering as the artful drawing on science to direct the resources of nature with active compassion to meet the basic needs of all -- especially the powerless, poor, or otherwise marginalized. A second central chapter then considers strategies for education in humanitarian engineering so conceived. Two final chapters consider challenges and implications.

Table of Contents

Humanitarian Engineering
Humanitarian Engineering Education
Conclusion: Humanizing Technology

About the Author(s)

Carl Mitcham, Colorado School of Mines
Carl Mitcham earned a PhD in Philosophy from Fordham University, New York. He has taught courses in the ethics of science and technology, while contributing to required core humanities and socialscience programs at the first and second year levels. Mitcham is editor of the four-volume Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics (2005) and serves as co-director of an Ethics Across the Curriculum program at CSM.

David Munoz, Colorado School of Mines
David Munoz earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana. He has taught courses in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer, and developed new courses in sustainable engineering. His research interests include energy conservation and issues of engineering design related to global sustainability. Munoz has done extensive work in Honduras and serves as director of the Humanitarian Engineering minor program at CSM.


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