Engineering and Social Justice

Engineering and Social Justice

Donna Riley
ISBN: 9781598296266 | PDF ISBN: 9781598296273
Copyright © 2008 | 152 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2008

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The profession of engineering in the United States has historically served the status quo, feeding an ever-expanding materialistic and militaristic culture, remaining relatively unresponsive to public concerns, and without significant pressure for change from within. This book calls upon engineers to cultivate a passion for social justice and peace and to develop the skill and knowledge set needed to take practical action for change within the profession. Because many engineers do not receive education and training that support the kinds of critical thinking, reflective decision-making, and effective action necessary to achieve social change, engineers concerned with social justice can feel powerless and isolated as they remain complicit. Utilizing techniques from radical pedagogies of liberation and other movements for social justice, this book presents a roadmap for engineers to become empowered and engage one another in a process of learning and action for social justice and peace.

Table of Contents

What Do we Mean by Social Justice?
Mindsets in Engineering
Engineering and Social Injustice
Toward a More Socially Just Engineering
Turning Knowledge into Action: Strategies for Change
Parting Lessons for the Continuing Struggle

About the Author(s)

Donna Riley, Smith College
Donna Riley is an Associate Professor of Engineering and a founding faculty member in the Picker Engineering Program at Smith College. She received her bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University and her doctorate in engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University. At Smith, she conducts research in the areas of risk analysis and engineering education.


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