The Making of Green Engineers

The Making of Green Engineers

Sustainable Development and the Hybrid Imagination

Andrew Jamison
ISBN: 9781627051590 | PDF ISBN: 9781627051606
Copyright © 2013 | 153 Pages | Publication Date: 03/01/2013

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This book discusses the ways in which engineering educators are responding to the challenges that confront their profession. On the one hand, there is an overarching sustainability challenge: the need for engineers to relate to the problems brought to light in the debates about environmental protection, resource depletion, and climate change. There are also a range of societal challenges that are due to the permeation of science and technology into ever more areas of our societies and everyday lives, and finally, there are the intrinsic scientific and technological challenges stemming from the emergence of new fields of "technosciences" that mix science and technology in new combinations.

In the book, the author discusses and exemplifies three contending response strategies on the part of engineers and engineering educators: a commercial strategy that links scientists and engineers into networks or systems of innovation; an academic strategy that reasserts the traditional values of science and engineering; and an integrative strategy that aims to combine scientific knowledge and engineering skills with cultural understanding and social responsibility by fostering what the author terms a "hybrid imagination."

Professor Jamison combines scholarly analysis with personal reflections drawing on over forty years of experience as a humanist teaching science and engineering students about the broader social, political and cultural contexts of their fields. The book has been written as part of the Program of Research on Opportunities and Challenges in Engineering Education in Denmark (PROCEED), funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, for which Professor Jamison has served as coordinator.

Table of Contents

Turning Engineering Green
Contending Approaches to Engineering Education
The Emergence of Green Engineering
Educating Green Engineers
Fostering Hybridity
A Case Study: The Alley Flat Initiative in Austin, Texas

About the Author(s)

Andrew Jamison, Aalborg University, Denmark
Andrew Jamison has an undergraduate degree in history and science from Harvard University, and a doctoral degree in theory of science from the University of Goteborg in Sweden. He has been professor of Technology, Environment and Society at Aalborg University in Denmark since 1996, where he has taught in a wide range of science and engineering programs. He is the author, most recently, of The Making of Green Knowledge: Environmental Politics and Cultural Transformation (Cambridge University Press 2001), and co-author, with Mikael Hard, of Hubris and Hybrids: A Cultural History of Technology and Science (Routledge 2005). Together with Steen Hyldgaard Christensen and Lars Botin, he has also published A Hybrid Imagination: Science and Technology in Cultural Perspective in the Synthesis series on Engineers, Technology and Society (Morgan & Claypool 2011). Before coming to Aalborg, he taught a course in science and society for many years for natural science students at the University of Copenhagen and served as founding director of a graduate program in science and technology policy at Lund University in Sweden.

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