Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive

A Guide for Untenured Faculty

Wendy C. Crone
ISBN: 9781608455133 | PDF ISBN: 9781608455140
Copyright © 2010 | 125 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2010

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The experience of an untenured faculty member is highly dependent on the quality of the mentoring they receive. This mentoring may come from a number of different sources, and the concept of developing a constellation of mentors is highly recommended, but a mentoring relationship that is guided by the mentee's needs will be the most productive. Often, however, the mentee does not know their own needs, what questions to ask, and what topics they should discuss with a mentor. This book provides a guide to the mentoring process for untenured faculty. Perspectives are provided and questions posed on topics ranging from establishing scholarly expertise and developing professional networks to personal health and balancing responsibilities. The questions posed are not intended for the mentee to answer in isolation, rather a junior faculty member should approach these questions throughout their untenured years with the help of their mentors. Survive and Thrive: A Guide for Untenured Faculty will help to facilitate the mentoring process and lead junior faculty to a path where they can move beyond just surviving and truly thrive in their position.

Table of Contents

Tough Questions About Why You Are Here
Joining Your Department and Discipline
Establishing Expertise
Developing Networks, Relationships, and Mentoring Activities
Getting Support and Evaluating Your Personal Health
Planning for the Future

About the Author(s)

Wendy C. Crone, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Professor Wendy C. Crone's research is in the area of solid mechanics, and many of the topics she has investigated are connected with nanotechnology and biotechnology. As a Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics with affiliate appointments in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she has applied her technical expertise to improving fundamental understanding of mechanical response of materials, enhancing material behavior through surface modification and nanostructuring, exploring the interplay between cells and the mechanics of their surroundings, and developing new material applications and medical devices. She has worked in the medical device industry and has publications and patents pending on medical devices and biomaterials. Professor Crone was granted a Faculty Early Career Award by the National Science Foundation, co-founded the MEMS and Nanotechnology Technical Division of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, and recently received the top Hot Talk/Cool Paper Award from the Materials Research Society. Professor Crone is the current Director of the Women Faculty Mentoring Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For two decades, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's successful Women Faculty Mentoring Program has served as a model to other colleges and universities across the country. She has also served as faculty Co-Director of the Women in Science and Women in Science and Engineering Residential Program and as the Director of Education for the Materials Science Research and Engineering Center on Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces.

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