Impossibility Results for Distributed Computing

Impossibility Results for Distributed Computing

Hagit Attiya, Faith Ellen
ISBN: 9781627051705 | PDF ISBN: 9781627051712
Copyright © 2015 | 162 Pages | Publication Date: 06/01/2014

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To understand the power of distributed systems, it is necessary to understand their inherent limitations: what problems cannot be solved in particular systems, or without sufficient resources (such as time or space). This book presents key techniques for proving such impossibility results and applies them to a variety of different problems in a variety of different system models. Insights gained from these results are highlighted, aspects of a problem that make it difficult are isolated, features of an architecture that make it inadequate for solving certain problems efficiently are identified, and different system models are compared.

Table of Contents

Shifting and Scaling
Scenario Arguments
Information Theory Arguments
Covering Arguments
Valency Arguments
Combinatorial Arguments
Reductions and Simulations
Authors' Biographies

About the Author(s)

Hagit Attiya, Technion: Israel Institute of Technology

Faith Ellen, University of Toronto


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