The Reaction Wheel Pendulum

The Reaction Wheel Pendulum

Daniel J. Block, Karl J. , Mark W. Spong
ISBN: 9781598291940 | PDF ISBN: 9781598291957
Copyright © 2007 | 105 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2007

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This monograph describes the Reaction Wheel Pendulum, the newest inverted-pendulum-like device for control education and research. We discuss the history and background of the reaction wheel pendulum and other similar experimental devices. We develop mathematical models of the reaction wheel pendulum in depth, including linear and nonlinear models, and models of the sensors and actuators that are used for feedback control. We treat various aspects of the control problem, from linear control of themotor, to stabilization of the pendulum about an equilibrium configuration using linear control, to the nonlinear control problem of swingup control. We also discuss hybrid and switching control, which is useful for switching between the swingup and balance controllers. We also discuss important practical issues such as friction modeling and friction compensation, quantization of sensor signals, and saturation. This monograph can be used as a supplement for courses in feedback control at the undergraduate level, courses in mechatronics, or courses in linear and nonlinear state space control at the graduate level. It can also be used as a laboratory manual and as a reference for research in nonlinear control.

Table of Contents

Controlling the Reaction Wheel
Stabilizing the Inverted Pendulum
Swinging Up the Pendulum
Switching Control
Additional Topics

About the Author(s)

Daniel J. Block, College of Engineering Control Systems Lab, University of Illinois

Karl J. , Department of Automatic Control, LTH, Lund Institute of Technology

Mark W. Spong, University of Texas at Dallas

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