Multiantenna Systems for MIMO Communications

Multiantenna Systems for MIMO Communications

Franco De Flaviis, Llui Jofre, Jordi Romeu, Alfred Grau
ISBN: 9781598290882 | PDF ISBN: 9781598290899
Copyright © 2008 | 250 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2008

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Advanced communication scenarios demand the development of new systemswhere antenna theory, channel propagation and communication models are seen from a common perspective as a way to understand and optimize the system as a whole. In this context, a comprehensive multiantenna formulation for multiple-input multiple-output systems is presented with a special emphasis on the connection of the electromagnetic and communication principles.

Starting from the capacity for amultiantenna system, the book reviews radiation, propagation, and communicationmechanisms, paying particular attention to the vectorial, directional, and timefrequency characteristics of the wireless communication equation for low- and high-scattering environments. Based on the previous concepts, different space

Table of Contents

Principles of Multiantenna Communication Systems
The Radio Channel for MIMO Communication Systems
Coding Theory for MIMO Communication Systems
Antenna Modeling for MIMO Communication Systems
Design of MPAs for MIMO Communication Systems
Design Examples and Performance Analysis of Different MPAs
List of Acronyms
List of Symbols
Operators and Mathematical Symbols

About the Author(s)

Franco De Flaviis, University of California, Irvine

Llui Jofre, Universitat Polit

Jordi Romeu, Universitat Polit

Alfred Grau, University of California, Irvine

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