Accurate Computation of Mathieu Functions

Accurate Computation of Mathieu Functions

Andrew Peterson, Malcolm Bibby
ISBN: 9781627050852 | PDF ISBN: 9781627050869
Copyright © 2013 | 133 Pages | Publication Date: 09/01/2013

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This lecture presents a modern approach for the computation of Mathieu functions. These functions find application in boundary value analysis such as electromagnetic scattering from elliptic cylinders and flat strips, as well as the analogous acoustic and optical problems, and many other applications in science and engineering. The authors review the traditional approach used for these functions, show its limitations, and provide an alternative "tuned" approach enabling improved accuracy and convergence. The performance of this approach is investigated for a wide range of parameters and machine precision. Examples from electromagnetic scattering are provided for illustration and to show the convergence of the typical series that employ Mathieu functions for boundary value analysis.

Table of Contents

Mathieu Functions
Observed Accuracy Using Traditional and Tuned Methods
Recommended Algorithm for Mathieu Function Computation
Electromagnetic Scattering from Conducting Elliptic Cylinders
Electromagnetic Scattering from an Infinite Conducting Strip
Authors' Biographies

About the Author(s)

Andrew Peterson, Georgia Institute of Technology

Malcolm Bibby, Georgia Institute of Technology

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