The Transmission-Line Modeling (TLM) Method in Electromagnetics

The Transmission-Line Modeling (TLM) Method in Electromagnetics

Christos Christopoulos
ISBN: 9781598290509 | PDF ISBN: 9781598290516
Copyright © 2006 | 132 Pages | Publication Date: 01/01/2006

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This book presents the topic in electromagnetics known as Transmission-Line Modeling or Matrix method-TLM. While it is written for engineering students at graduate and advanced undergraduate levels, it is also highly suitable for specialists in computational electromagnetics working in industry, who wish to become familiar with the topic. The main method of implementation of TLM is via the time-domain differential equations, however, this can also be via the frequency-domain differential equations. The emphasis in this book is on the time-domain TLM. Physical concepts are emphasized here before embarking onto mathematical development in order to provide simple, straightforward suggestions for the development of models that can then be readily programmed for further computations. Sections with strong mathematical flavors have been included where there are clear methodological advantages forming the basis for developing practical modeling tools. The book can be read at different depths depending on the background of the reader, and can be consulted as and when the need arises.

Table of Contents

Modeling As an Intellectual Activity
Field andNetwork Paradigms
Transmission Lines and Transmission-Line Models
Two-Dimensional TLM Models
An Unstructured 2D TLM Model
TLM in Three Dimensions

About the Author(s)

Christos Christopoulos, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director, George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research, University of Nottingham, UK

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