Mathematical Magnetohydrodynamics

Mathematical Magnetohydrodynamics

Nikolas Xiros
ISBN: 9781681732442 | PDF ISBN: 9781681732459
Hardcover ISBN:9781681732466
Copyright © 2018 | 165 Pages | Publication Date: January, 2018

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Fundamentals of mathematical magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) start with definitions of major variables and parameters in MHD fluids (also known as MHD media) and specifically plasmas encountered in nature as well as in engineering sytems, e.g., metallurgy or thermonuclear fusion power. The collisions of fluids in such fluids are examined as well as motion of individual particles. Then the basic principles of MHD fluids are introduced along with transport phenomena, medium boundaries, and surface interactions. Waves and resonances of all sorts in MHD media are presented and the book concludes with the description of main MHD fluid types including plasma in fusion power generation.

Table of Contents

Plasma Definition and Classification
Collisions in Plasmas
Motion of Charged Particles
Plasma as a Fluid
Plasma Boundary
Plasma-surface Interaction
Particle Waves and Resonances
Electromagnetic Waves
Plasma Modeling
Low-temperature DC Plasma
Low-temperature RF Plasmas
Magnetic Confinement Nuclear Fusion Plasma
Author's Biography

About the Author(s)

Nikolas Xiros, University of New Orleans
Nikolas Xiros is a J.L. Goldman Endowed Professor in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of New Orleans. His career spans more than 20 years in both industry and academia and his expertise lies within the fields of marine and electromechanical systems engineering. He holds an electrical engineer’s degree, a marine engineering doctorate, and a MS in mathematics. His research interests are process modeling and simulation, system dynamics, identification and control, reliability, signal and data analysis. He is author of many technical papers as well as other academic texts and reports.

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