Microcontroller Education

Microcontroller Education

Do it Yourself, Reinvent the Wheel, Code to Learn

Dimosthenis E. Bolanakis
ISBN: 9781681731919 | PDF ISBN: 9781681731933
Hardcover ISBN:9781681732589
Copyright © 2018 | 193 Pages | Publication Date: November, 2017

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Microcontroller education has experienced tremendous change in recent years. This book attempts to keep pace with the most recent technology while holding an opposing attitude to the "No Need to Reinvent the Wheel" philosophy. The choice strategies are in agreement with the employment of today's flexible and low-cost Do-It-Yourself (DIY) microcontroller hardware, along with an embedded C programming approach able to be adapted by different hardware and software development platforms. Modern embedded C compilers employ built-in features for keeping programs short and manageable and, hence, speeding up the development process. However, those features eliminate the reusability of the source code among diverse systems. The recommended programming approach relies on the motto Code More to Learn Even More, and directs the reader toward a low-level accessibility of the microcontroller device. The examples addressed herein are designed to meet the demands of Electrical & Electronic Engineering discipline, where the microcontroller learning processes definitely bear the major responsibility. The programming strategies are in line with the two virtues of C programming language, that is, the adaptability of the source code and the low-level accessibility of the hardware system. Some accompanying material of the book can be found at http://bit.ly/mcu-files.

Table of Contents

Historical Review
Micro-Controller Fundamentals
Micro-Controller Programming
Micro-Controller Applications
Author's Biography

About the Author(s)

Dimosthenis E. Bolanakis, Hellenic Air Force Academy
Dimosthenis E. Bolanakis was born in Crete, Greece (1978) and graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering (2001) from ATEI Thessalonikis. He received an M.Sc. (2004) in Modern Electronic Technologies and a Ph.D. (2016) in Education Sciences (focusing on Remote Experimentation), both from University of Ioannina. He has (co)authored more than 30 papers (mainly on Research in Engineering Education) and he is the author of MEMS Barometers toward Vertical Position Detection: Background Theory, System Prototyping, and Measurement Analysis (Morgan & Claypool, May 2017), and co-author of Microcomputer Architecture: Low-level Programming Methods and Applications of the M68HC908GP32 (Createspace/Self-publishing, 2012). During the period 2012–2014 he joined European System Sensors S.A. corporation that specialized in the design of MEMS sensors. Since 2014 he has been occupied as Special Lab & Teaching Personnel at Hellenic Air Force Academy (Informatics & Computers section). His design/research interests include: C-based & FPGA-based digital hardware design; MEMS sensors system-level design and measurement analysis (using Matlab script code); C/LabVIEW software co-development for the hardware interfacing; and research in engineering education. He currently lives in Athens (Greece) together with his wonderful wife, Katerina, and their two delightful kids, Manolis and Eugenia.

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