Geometric Programming for Design Equation Development and Cost/Profit Optimization, Third Edition

Geometric Programming for Design Equation Development and Cost/Profit Optimization, Third Edition

with Illustrative Case Study Problems and Solutions

Robert C. Creese
ISBN: 9781627059800 | PDF ISBN: 9781627059367
Copyright © 2017 | 210 Pages | Publication Date: December, 2016

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Geometric Programming is used for cost minimization, profit maximization, obtaining cost ratios, and the development of generalized design equations for the primal variables. The early pioneers of geometric programming (Zener, Duffin, Peterson, Beightler, Wilde, and Phillips) played important roles in its development. Five new case studies have been added to the third edition. There are five major sections: (1) Introduction, History and Theoretical Fundamentals; (2) Cost Minimization Applications with Zero Degrees of Difficulty; (3) Profit Maximization Applications with Zero Degrees of Difficulty; (4) Applications with Positive Degrees of Difficulty; and (5) Summary, Future Directions, and Geometric Programming Theses & Dissertations Titles. The various solution techniques presented are the constrained derivative approach, condensation of terms approach, dimensional analysis approach, and transformed dual approach. A primary goal of this work is to have readers develop more case studies and new solution techniques to further the application of geometric programming.

Table of Contents

Brief History of Geometric Programming
Theoretical Fundamentals
The Optimal Box Design Case Study
Trash Can Case Study
The Building Area Design Case Study
The Open Cargo Shipping Box Case Study
Metal Casting Cylindrical Side Riser Case Study
Inventory Model Case Study
Process Furnace Design Case Study
The Gas Transmission Pipeline Case Study
Material Removal/Metal Cutting Economics Case Study
Construction Building Sector Cost Minimization Case Study
Production Function Profit Maximization Case Study
Product Mix Profit Maximization Case Study
Chemical Plant Product Profitability Case Study
Journal Bearing Design Case Study
Multistory Building Design with a Variable Number of Floors Case Study
Metal Casting Cylindrical Side Riser With Hemispherical Top Design Case Study
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinders Case Study
Material Removal/Metal Cutting Economics with Two Constraints Case Study
The Open Cargo Shipping Box with Skids Case Study
Profit Maximization Considering Decreasing Cost Functions of Inventory Policy Case Study
Summary and Future Directions
Theses and Dissertations on Geometric Programming
Author's Biography

About the Author(s)

Robert C. Creese, West Virginia University
Dr. Robert C. Creese, Certified Cost Engineer (CCE), is Professor of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering at West Virginia University, USA and recently has taught courses on Engineering Economy, Advanced Engineering Economics, Cost and Estimating for Manufacturing, Manufacturing Processes and Advanced Manufacturing Processes. He has previously taught at The Pennsylvania State University (9 years), Grove City College (4 years), Aalborg University in Denmark (3 sabbaticals) and at West Virginia University for over 31 years. He is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering, International (AACEI), received the Charles V. Keane Service Award and Brian D. Dunfield Educational Service Award presented by AACE, and has been treasurer of the Northern West Virginia Section of AACE for more than 20 years. He is a Life Member of AACE International, ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) and ASM (American Society for Materials). He also is a member of ISPA, SCEA, AIST, AWS, and AFS. He obtained his B.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, his M.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, and his Ph.D. Degree in Metallurgy from the Pennsylvania State University. He has authored the book Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and Materials (Marcel Dekker, 1999) and co-authored two books Estimating and Costing for the Metal Manufacturing Industries (Marcel Dekker, 1992) with Dr. M. Adithan of VIT University Vellore, India and Dr. B. S. Pabla of the Technical Teachers' Training Institute, Chandigarh, India and Strategic Cost Analysis for Project Managers and Engineers (New Age International Publishers, 2010) with Dr. M. Adithan, VIT University, Vellore, India. He has authored and co-authored more than 100 technical papers.


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