Games and Computational Intelligence

SERIES EDITOR:Daniel Ashlock, University of Guelph
The Synthesis Lectures on Games & Computational Intelligence will be an innovative resource consisting of 75-150 page books on topics pertaining to digital games, including game playing and game solving algorithms; game design techniques; artificial and computational intelligence techniques for game design, play, and analysis; classical game theory in a digital environment, and automatic content generation for games. The scope includes the topics relevant to conferences like IEEE-CIG, AAAI-AIIDE, DIGRA, and FDG conferences as well as the games special sessions of the WCCI and GECCO conferences. The books will be available in mutliple formats including: as part of the Synthesis Digital Library for subscribing institutions, print, and individual e-books in PDF and epub format. Please check out our Call to Authors flyer here.

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On the Design of Game-Playing Agents On the Design of Game-Playing Agents
Eun-Youn Kim, Daniel Ashlock
Evolving agents to play games is a promising technology. It can provide entertaining opponents for games like Chess or Checkers, matched to a human opponent as an alternative to the perfect and unbeatable opponents embodied by current artificial inte...
Publication Date: August, 2017

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Game Theory Game Theory
Andrew McEachern
This book is a formalization of collected notes from an introductory game theory course taught at Queen's University. The course introduced traditional game theory and its formal analysis, but also moved to more modern approaches to game theory, prov...
Publication Date: June, 2017

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