Software Engineering

SERIES EDITOR: Luciano Baresi - Politecnico di Milano
Synthesis Lectures on Software Engineering series publishes short books (75-125 pages) on conceiving, specifying, architecting, designing, implementing, managing, measuring, analyzing, validating, and verifying complex software systems. The goal is to provide both focused monographs on the different phases of the software process and detailed presentations of frontier topics. Premier software engineering conferences, such as ICSE, ESEC/FSE, and ASE will help shape the purview of the series and make it evolve. A developmental list of topics can be found HERE for potential authors.

Series ISSN: 2328-3319 (print) 2328-3327 (electronic)

Editor Bios

Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice, 2nd Edition Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice, 2nd Edition
Marco Brambilla, Jordi Cabot, Manuel Wimmer
This book discusses how model-based approaches can improve the daily practice of software professionals. This is known as Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE) or, simply, Model-Driven Engineering (MDE).

MDSE practices have proved to i...
Publication Date: March, 2017

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Testing iOS Apps with HadoopUnit Testing iOS Apps with HadoopUnit
Scott Tilley, Krissada Dechokul
Smartphone users have come to expect high-quality apps. This has increased the importance of software testing in mobile software development. Unfortunately, testing apps (particularly the GUI) can be very time-consuming. Exercising every user interfa...
Publication Date: 12/01/2014

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Hard Problems in Software Testing Hard Problems in Software Testing
Scott Tilley, Brianna Floss
This book summarizes the current hard problems in software testing as voiced by leading practitioners in the field. The problems were identified through a series of workshops, interviews, and surveys. Some of the problems are timeless, such as educat...
Publication Date: 09/01/2014

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