Emerging Trends in Librarianship

Hema Ramachandran, California State University, Long Beach
Joe Murphy, Innovative Interfaces and Technology Trend Analyst
This series focuses on new and emerging trends in digital collections and new technologies as they relate to the practice of librarianship and library science. The series should be of interest not only to librarians and information professionals, but also to the research community in general. Topics include but are not limited to: eScience, institutional repositories, data curation, advances in discovery tools, taxonomy and thesauri construction, mobile technologies, and related subjects.

Series ISSN: 2372-8833 (print) 2372-8868 (electronic)

Editor Bios

Information Verification in the Digital Age Information Verification in the Digital Age
Nora Martin
This book will contemplate the nature of our participatory digital media culture, the diversity of actors involved, and how the role of the news librarian has evolved - from information gatekeeper to knowledge networker; collaborating and facilitatin...
Publication Date: July, 2016

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Libraries and the Semantic Web Libraries and the Semantic Web
Keith P. DeWeese, Dan Segal
This book covers the concept of the Semantic Web; what it is, the components that comprise it, including Linked Data, and the various ways that libraries are engaged in contributing to its development in making library resources and services ever mor...
Publication Date: 12/01/2014

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Exploring New Roles for Librarians Exploring New Roles for Librarians
Lisa Federer
Librarians have been providing support to researchers for many years, typically with a focus on responding to researchers' needs for access to the existing literature. However, librarians' skills and expertise make them uniquely suited to provide a w...
Publication Date: 04/01/2014

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Near Field Communication Near Field Communication
Sheli McHugh, Kristen Yarmey
Near Field Communication is a radio frequency technology that allows objects, such as mobile phones, computers, tags, or posters, to exchange information wirelessly across a small distance. This report on the progress of Near Field Communication revi...
Publication Date: 03/01/2014

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